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Driving lessons in Enfield with Andy1st driving school


First three Driving Lessons (beginners offer) £45
1 Hour Driving Lesson £23
10 Driving Lessons : Block Booking £220
Pass Plus Courses £155
Refresher Driving Lessons £23
Intensive Driving Course : 20 hours £440


En1, EN2, EN3, EN4, EN5, EN6, EN7, EN8.
N11, N12, N13, N14, N17, N18, N20, N21, N22.
Enfield , Waltham Cross , Cheshunt , cuffley , Goffs Oak , Waltham Abbey , Southgate , Oakwood  , Winchmore Hill , Grange Park, Bush Hill Park , Cockfosters , Barnet , Hadley Wood , Totteridge , Potters Bar and Whetstone .


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Become a driving instructor with the courses suppied by this company

If you would like driving lessons in Derby

Hello and welcome to Andy1st driving school in Enfield. We are here for all your driving needs whether you are just embarking on learning or have already passed your test. We offer a wide range of learning packages and flexible learning plans as well as offering discounts to students and service personnel. Our helpful administration team at our head office will help you with your initial enquiry and that will be the start of your exciting journey with us.

So, you may not have had lessons before and that is fine. Our instructors are very experienced in teaching people of all ages and experience. They will spend time getting to know you, assessing your knowledge, skills and experience and then they will produce a learning plan to suit your time constraints, budget and any additional needs you may have. This style of tuition has benefitted many of our pupils as they have had an individual learning package that is tailored to them and their needs. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” style of tuition because we are all different and learn in different ways and at different paces.

You may be a new driver and have already passed your test but are looking to gain some extra guidance in certain areas of driving. We can help with this too. We offer a Pass Plus course which provides 6 lessons for newly qualified drivers. This course was devised by the Government to help reduce the number of accidents on our roads involving new drivers. The experience and expertise help you get in these 6 lessons has proved invaluable to some of our pupils. If you ask your friends and family who have learned to drive they will tell you that the real learning starts after you’ve passed your test! But who is there to help you? There’s no one there reaching for the dual controls or telling you where to turn, you are on your own!

So, the Pass Plus courses teach you how to drive safely in the dark or in bad weather. Your instructor will take you on the motorway to gain experience in driving there and on country lanes and busy city roads. All this experience will help you in different situations and help make you a safer and more confident driver. In addition, some insurance companies offer large discounts for those new drivers who have taken this course as you are deemed to be a safer driver.

We can offer lessons at a time that is convenient to you. We know how busy people’s lives are these days and fitting in all that life throws at us gets increasingly hard! Work commitments, family duties and dare we say it, socialising, all make demands on our time. So if you’re planning to learn to drive, that’s another thing to try and fit in. Our instructors are very flexible. They will arrange a time and a place where it is convenient to collect you from. It may be home, college or work, it doesn’t matter. You can then take your lesson and they will drop you back to where is convenient as well. This all makes it easier for you to fit driving lessons into your life.

We believe in making driving accessible for all. We like to encourage anyone who wants to learn to drive to take the plunge and do it! But for some, it may be a bit tricky. You may have an additional need that you feel is holding you back or you may simply be very nervous about embarking on this new journey. Please don’t worry. We have experienced and professional driving instructors who are very adept at allaying fears and building confidence. We don’t want you to feel uneasy which is why we will gently ease you into your lessons and go at your pace. If you want to take things steady, then that is fine. We can provide lessons in both manual and automatic cars and have both male and female driving instructors. Some of our more nervous pupils feel more confident learning in an automatic car because the stress and worry of negotiating gears and the clutch is removed. Other pupils who have certain physical needs also find automatic cars easier to drive.

We can offer discounts on block bookings of lessons so if you’re booking as a present for someone, it would be ideal. We also offer intensive driving courses where you can learn to drive and pass your test in as little as a week.

We are very proud of our high standard of tuition and have instructors who are incredibly passionate about what they do. Please call us today for any information on any of our packages – we will be very pleased to help you.


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